26 September 2013

Milton Keynes Smile Maker Dr Teresa Day Gets Go Ahead for Morocco Mission of Mercy helping 350 children in one week

Milton Keynes Dentist  Dr Teresa who is known for her charity work, has just been granted a special license to travel to the  remote Rif Mountains region. Her mission of mercy departs on 29th September 2013 for seven hard, gruelling, yet fulfilling days. 
milton keynes dentist helping moroccan kids
Milton Keynes Dentist
Dr Teresa in Morocco 2012

Their first destination is a remote school in a fishing village, with 650 children and a high intake of honey, sweet mint tea, and no dental health service which all contributes to extreme dental decay. The goal is to treat 200 kids.

Then it’s on to project number 2nd in collaboration with Rifcom.org to take a further 150 children out of daily dental pain. http://www.rifcom.org/

milton keynes dentist helping moroccan kidsDr Teresa is usually found treating patients in her comfortable practice in Central Milton Keynes surrounded by modern day dental equipment, running water, and a fabulous support team. everything she could ever need.

Cally Gedge fellow co-founder of the award winning Dental Mavericks charity, who organises the annual expedition said, “This is our 4th year and this Moroccan community now relies on UK dentists to rid them from the daily pain of decayed teeth. They have no free or easy to access dental care.”

Dr Teresa will post updates on our facebook page whilst she’s in Morocco during the expedition.
Dr Teresa finances her own trip, plus loses revenue whilst away from Appledore. She has donated a dental wand to assist with pain relief.

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milton keynes dentist helping moroccan kidsmilton keynes dentist helping moroccan kids

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